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TWS BT5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headset + Emergency Charging Combo

  1. [Real Wireless Earbuds] TWS allows wireless transmission of audio between two speakers, playing the left channel in one speaker and the right channel in the other, so that stereo audio can be synchronized simultaneously. Both headsets support playing music and hands-free calling from your Bluetooth phone. The remote control allows you to answer personally clear voices directly
    2. [Stable and powerful, charging case] Easy pairing, using Bluetooth v5.0 and high-sensitivity antenna to provide a stable and seamless connection while ensuring low latency and low energy during data transmission. Charging bin: 2000mAh, this portable charging phone treasure can also charge mobile phones and devices. The headset has a built-in 45mAh battery for up to 4-5 hours of playback.
    3. [HD sound effect, deep bottom sound] With Bluetooth V5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology, it can produce incredible sound quality, deep bass and crystal clear high pitch. Xunpuls true wireless earbuds block a lot of ambient noise and avoid wind noise during running, cycling, jogging and more.
    4. [clear and comfortable design] The wireless earbuds are designed to fit your ears comfortably. The earbuds come in four sizes. We guarantee that you will get the most suitable size for you. This super music output is light and comfortable and long-wearing. It is safe to fit, not easy to fall off, but it is not easy to recognize and improve the sports experience.

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